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Creating an immersive 3D light installation and a one-hour performance.

Breakthrough: (antiquated) Augmented Reality. Factsheet.

BREAKTHROUGH/ (antiquated) Augmented Reality, draws the live audience into an immersive world dominated by 40-foot tall figures of light. Flat shadows of women break free from the stifling rhythms produced by patriarchal systems of work and leisure to become their fully dimensional selves in vivid real-time 3D. In this wordless blend of cinematic techniques and transformative contemporary performance, 19th-century handmade stereoscopes are employed to create a celebratory defiance of the Male Gaze that dominated 20th-century mass media.


B:(a) A. R. uses innovative performance strategies for challenging what Laura Mulvey called the Male Gaze—ways of seeing that have cast women as passive, beautiful objects and codified the false ideal of white, normative, heterosexual relationships. We will performatively gesture toward the various methods—narrative, formal, and technological—through which the Male Gaze has been reinforced within popular media and entertainment while exploring strategies for changing the status quo, fostering the Gaze of the Other, and freeing individual expressions of difference and empowerment for woman and queer people.

Proposed 2020 Timeline:

January. The project will secure a new studio space in downtown Los Angeles. We will work on the immersive 3D installation and kinetic mobiles.

Media scholar and practitioner Allison De Fren will collect research and media to share with Christine Marie.

Seek choreographer willing to experiment and co-create in this unique 3D form which can be difficult for dancers to embrace when they begin. We hope that past choreographer Micaela Tayor will be able to join the team.

February. host dance workshops with primary dancer/ co-workshop leader Taylor Unwin, (she is now a 3D shadow dance master). We will introduce the concept and media clips to the dancers to open a discussion. We will invite dancers to share personal stories while exploring the body, shadows, props, and movement in 3D. 

Cast 2-4 new dancers. 

Continue work with composer Daniel Corral using music samples and historic media research. We will delve into music from Busby Berkeley and ideas around driving rhythms of the assembly line combining nostalgia with new technology.

March. Show the first outdoor performance. 20-minutes of new 3D


April, May. Develop additional sections and outdoor performances. Host public workshops.

September. Premiere full-length work.


Funding questions:

Why do artists send fundraising letters?

The State of the Arts and arts funding in the United States is dim. Grants receive 100's of thousands of applicants. Less than 30% of artists in galleries and museums are women. For live performance, there is no object to sell. Private donors make up the majority of live arts budgets.

Why not do a Kickstarter campaign?

When creating a Kickstarter campaign we are not able to give tax-deductible donations. We can fundraise, give donor rewards and 5% to our fiscal sponsor, a local arts organization rather than an unknown institution.

Why not partner with brands and have them pay for the art?

We are open to working with brands and often do create specific work commissioned by a brand. For Breakthrough: (antiquated) Augmented Reality we do not want to work outside of our concept or make changes that lessen the integrity of the work. Please connect us with a brand that wants to mutually support, we'd love sponsorship!

(antiquated) AUGMENTED REALITY            Christine Marie 2019        All photographs by Christine Marie