(antiquated) AUGMENTED REALITY            Christine Marie 2019        All photographs by Christine Marie  



(antiquated) Augmented Reality, is a twenty minute choreographed dance performance in live, anaglyph 3D, featuring group sections and three solos with dimensional scenography.



Presenters have booked the dance performance to be performed once within an evening program.



Presenters have also booked two and four-hour experiences in which the interactive installation entitled, Shadows In Stereo, is set up with automated mobiles casting dimensional 3D shadows throughout a gallery space. 

Guests are invited to see their own 3D shadows and experiment with shapes and form. 

Throughout the experience intervals of guest exploration occur for twenty minutes then, the space is "enlivened" by the dance performance for twenty minutes - these intervals of interactivity and performance rotate for the desired duration (one to four hours).

See installation.


Additional public workshops and lecture are available with lead artist Christine Marie and dancers.


(antiquated) Augmented Reality, travels with personnel of five: Three dancers, one prop manipulator and director. Anaglyph glasses are required for each audience member.


For booking inquiries contact cm@4ChristineMarie.com




A FLAT SURFACE: A seamless white or light colored  20'- 40' high surface like a gallery wall, the side of a building, a rear projection screen etc.


THROW DISTANCE/ PERFORMANCE AREA: A smooth ground 20' from the surface preferably black or dark colored.


DARKNESS: No additional light pollution. No video black or any light hitting the performance surface at the time of the performance.




SOUND SYSTEM: For playing a continuous track.


ADDITIONAL BENEFIT: private space for dancer's green room, marley flooring, safe area for storing props, one crew member to assist with running the show.



(antiquated) Augmented Reality, will be developed into an hour-long live performance and a 360 video experience with a digital A.R. experience.


To assist with development funds or residency opportunities contact cm@4ChristineMarie.com.


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