"Like a Paleolithic IMAX, Marie's shows are cinematic in scope and scale."


"Christine Marie's performance art has a way of eliciting wonder"  


Light artist Christine Marie draws the audience into an immersive world dominated by 30- foot tall figures that come to vivid 3-D life.

Viewed through your fashionable 3-D glasses, the exquisite ensemble of performers seems to do the impossible

—reach out live—

yet Marie uses a non-digital stereo imaging technique she reinvented by drawing on ancient and spellbinding effects, each beautifully revealed.  

Audience reaction to seeing non-digital, live 3D visuals, in real-time.

Q & A at Sundance

  with curator Shari Frilot

(antiquated) Augmented Reality, began as an experiment in form and movement exploring the axis of depth.


As it developed, The Feminine revealed itself, and the possibility for the work to symbolize the recent departure from media of the past and the relinquishing of the Male Gaze.


We see women break off the screens and burst out of the "TV" into, literally, full dimensionality. 


(a)A.R. is a celebration of the current moment in which technologies and content are being developed for and by women.


I love that the foundations for the technology used in (a)A.R. were invented in the19th century, the time women began to receive suffrage."

–Creator and Inventor, Christine Marie


CM for NOW.jpg
From rehearsals at the Creative Technology Center in the Los Angeles Brewery.

"A striking example of pure kinetic performance." 


“Halfway through, you're prompted to put on your glasses. And somehow—and I have no idea how—Marie uses a special lighting instrument to make the shadows become three-dimensional. Honestly, I have never seen a more stunning 3D effect (and, yes, I saw Avatar). 
-NY Theater Review

(a)A.R. began as a project of the
McEvoy Foundation for the Arts.
Executive producer, Nion McEvoy.​
Further developed with support from the REDCAT NOW festival and the Creative Technology Center.

Current ensemble Taylor Unwin, Samantha Blaze, Camila Arana, and Melissa Ferrari. Dev Kumar.

Primary composition by Daniel Corral. Select tracks by Laraaji and Kaitlin Auroria Smith.

(antiquated) AUGMENTED REALITY            Christine Marie 2019        All photographs by Christine Marie